Unusual Animals You Can Have as Pets

You’re probably accustomed to the usual pet owners who have dogs or cats for pets. Even people with rare pets such as lizards are usually understood for their unique ways, though that’s not as unusual as it gets. Would you have a skunk or hedgehog for a pet? Believe it or not, there are numerous people who have these exotic animals as their pets. Here are the five weirdest unusual animals as pets:

#5 Capybara

Capybara is the largest rodent on Earth and it is related to the guinea pig. The capybara is about 4 feet long when it`s fully grown and normally weighs over 100 pounds. They are never fully tamed so you should handle one when it`s young to form a human-rodent relationship. Capybaras require plenty of space and areas to swim because they are semi-aquatic animals.

Capybaras require plenty of attention, space to roam, and a swimming area. They are not recommended for families with young kids since they tend to be territorial and can bite using their large teeth.

#4 The stick insect

The stick insect is well-known for educating, as well as, entertaining school-age kids in class for a long time due to its exceptional appearance and easy care needs. Currently, more individuals have stick insects as their pets. They are normally about 7 – 10 cm long and can live for a long time under proper conditions.

Stick insects require tall enclosures, about double their height since they enjoy hanging. They feed on lettuce, bramble or ivy since they are omnivores. They don’t like to be alone and require companionship from other stick insects. Their enclosed space needs to be maintained at room temperature and is supposed to be cleaned every week. Stick insects are ideal first pets for kids if there is an adult to clean its enclosure.

#3 Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are typically low-maintenance pets. Wild hedgehogs feed on insects although you can purchase hedgehog mixes which supplement their meals with insects such as crickets. They require to be handled frequently when they are young to adapt to humans. It is
recommended to put it in a no smaller than 30 x 24 x 15 inches cage. A hedgehog might be a good pet if you have a lot of one-on-one time, make sure it eats appropriately, and go for weekly weight checks. This pet usually sleeps the whole day and wakes up at night so you`ll need to bond during odd times.

#2 Potbellied pigs

This is a smaller pig breed which is somewhat odour-free and simple to take care of. These pets prefer a strict schedule, therefore mealtimes and exercise are supposed to be at the same time each day. Potbellies are considered smart and loving pets, though they might not be the ideal pets for everyone. To begin with, potbellies prefer to be the centre of attention so one is enough for you. This
crave for attention can result in aggressive behaviour when the potbelly is 2 years old. This pet is not good for families with small kids and also likes to root, which can damage the carpet, in case you keep it as an indoor pet.

#1 Skunks

These pets are not very common, maybe due to their smell reputation. Tamed skunks` scent glands are taken out when they are approximately one month old for the sake of the owners. Skunk owners have said that they are smart and sensitive pets with curious personalities. When skunks are young, owners need to spend a lot of time to bond with them so they will adapt to being held and be tamed as they grow up. Skunks eat meals similar to ferrets and supplement dry food with a blend of fresh vegetables. It is necessary to annually take them to the vet for vaccination. Remember, not all vets can check on your skunk, so make sure you locate one who is experienced and works with exotic pets. Pet skunks can never be out in the wild because they do not have their scent glands, which is their most important defense system.

These pets are unusual although when well-taken care of, they become the ideal pet for you. Like any other pet, it might take some time to tame them but once they are they do not have any major issues.