The 10 Most Dangerous Animals to Man

The 10 most dangerous animals to man

While we admire certain animals for their beauty, they are best viewed from a distance. Usually, the most dangerous animals to man aren’t always the ones we expect. Some are so tiny but are packed with poison that can stop a human heart in seconds. Nevertheless, most of them will only attack when their lives are in danger. Here is a rundown of the most dangerous animals to man. 

1. Hippopotamus

Although hippos are herbivores, they can bite anything that comes their way when they are with their babies. The males also tend to be aggressive when protecting their territories. Don’t let the small legs fool you; these animals can run up to 20 miles an hour. Apparently, hippos are responsible for more human fatalities than cheetahs and lions. There are thousands of cases where hippos have trampled people, dragged them into the water and bit their heads off. 

2. Saw-scaled viper

This is a common snake in Southern India. It’s responsible for human deaths than any other snake on the planet. In India, snake bites account for more than 10,000 deaths. The bite is painful and causes swelling almost immediately. Patients usually suffer heavy internal bleeding which makes their system collapse within 10 hours. 

3. Brown bear

Weighing up to 700 kg, the brown bear has a powerful bite and sharp claws. While the attacks are rare, these animals are very defensive when they feel threatened. Naturally, the bears will smell humans and try to stay away from them. Human-bear conflicts are associated with increasing populations, habitat loss, food shortage, and environmental degradation. 

4. White sharks 

Although there are around 400 species of sharks, the white sharks are the most known killing machines. They are equipped with sharp razor teeth which can kill a human in a few minutes. Mature male averages 10.5 ft. while a female is 14 feet long. While sharks feed on marine animals, they attack divers as they swim below the surface of the water. 

According to researchers, these animals attack unfamiliar objects which explain the common hit-and-run attacks near beaches. Other species that are known to attack humans include the Hammerhead, Blacktip, Blue shark, shortfin Mako, and Tiger sharks. On average, they kill 20-30 people a year. 

5. Golden Poison Dart Frog

These frogs have brightly colored bodies and enough venom to kill 10 men. They eat beetles and other insects and then store the diet-derived toxins on the skin. This gives them a formidable defense against predators. There are more than 100 species but only a few are harmful to humans. The most deadly ones live in Colombia Pacific coast and in Northern South America. 

6. Lions

Lions are some of the biggest cuts in the jungle. It’s estimated that they kill a staggering 500 people every year. While it’s not common for lions to attack humans, they do so when protecting their young ones or when guarding their territory. In 2018, three South African poachers were devoured by lions when they broke into a game reserve to hunt rhinos. Such deaths are also on the rise in Tanzania and Mozambique. Sick lions are also responsible for thousands of deaths. 

7. Elephants

An elephant is a gentle animal but can get violent. Because it’s occasionally threatened by humans, their best form of defense is to attack. For elephants to kill a man, it must have gone through something that is painful or terrifying. Other than that, they attack when humans try to expand their settlements in an area they have lived in. Thirdly, they are very protective of their calves. Although they don’t kill humans for food, they trample their victim to death. 

8. Crocodiles

Crocodiles are associated with most deaths in Africa. Their powerful jaw crushes down the victim with 3600 pounds per sq. inch of force. This is close to four times the bite of a lion. These animals are also considered to be 100 times deadlier than sharks. On average they kill
1000 humans per year. There are 12 species of crocodile, but the Nile and North American crocodiles are considered the most dangerous.  

9. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros is a 3-ton beast that attacks humans than any other animal on earth. They are loners and prefer to wander the plains without being disturbed. The main reason a rhino will attack you is to protect its calf. Any indication that you’re a threat will trigger the defense
mechanism. They chase intruders at a speed of 35 mph with their 3-feet horns pointing at them. 

10. Cape buffalo

It has four times the strength of an ox and can kill a lion. The Cape buffalo kills many hunters than any other species. In dense areas, they tend to fight rather than flight. The older males live away from the herd and are prone to charge when disturbed. Sometimes, they attack moving vehicles to protect their herd. These massive beasts kill about 200 people every year. 

While most dangerous animals will avoid you, they will strike back when they feel their lives are in danger. Some may look cute but can kill you in seconds. It’s always important to be on the lookout.