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  • The World’s Most Endangered Animals Today

    The biodiversity on planet Earth currently stands at about 30 million animal species with new ones being discovered every day. However, as new species are continuously being discovered, the species that go extinct or are at the risk of extinction far outpace the newly discovered. Given that animals at risk of extinction are spread across […]

  • Unusual Animals You Can Have as Pets

    You’re probably accustomed to the usual pet owners who have dogs or cats for pets. Even people with rare pets such as lizards are usually understood for their unique ways, though that’s not as unusual as it gets. Would you have a skunk or hedgehog for a pet? Believe it or not, there are numerous […]

  • The Most Famous Animal Movie Stars

    Animals have been appearing on the big screen since the advent of movie making. While they do not get as much credit as their human counterparts for the success of a movie, we can’t deny the crucial role these animals play in blockbusters. It takes a lot of specialized training and hours of practicing tricks […]