Fun Facts about Elephants

Elephant Facts

We can never talk about elephants without mentioning their sizes. These mammals are the largest land mammals and eat about 50 tons of food each year. Amazing, right? Apart from being very large and tough, they are also known to move in groups. They have very strong social lifestyles ñ itís almost similar to that of humans. Elephants are equally very intelligent and observant. The only thing that betrays them most times is their size. They are easy to spot and might not be able to easily make a run for their lives at the slightest fear of danger. Elephants are indeed very wonderful creatures. There are many interesting facts people do not know about elephants but we are here to enlighten and share some more cool elephant facts.

1.Tusks for teeth-Many people are not aware that the tusks of elephants are not merely tusks. They are extended incisor teeth of an elephant. They have several uses from being used as a tool for food to being used as a medium of attraction during courtship to even being used for defense in times of danger or a fight. Poachers believe there is more to the tusk than just being a part of the elephants. They kill elephants and sell their tusks.

2.They show emotions-Elephants are great animals. They show empathy towards others when they are in trouble, this is what makes for their intelligence ñ the ability to understand what is happening. They can as well show grief and despair in a very pitiable manner.

3.They can recognize themselves and others-Most animals find it very difficult to recognize themselves when placed in front of a mirror, some of them freak out while others break the mirror ñ according to research. But elephants have the ability to recognize themselves in front of a mirror. Elephants are equally intelligent enough to recognize members of their heard by smell or by sight. Chances are that if you blindfold an elephant, it can still find its parents or siblings by a sense of smell.

4.They have the largest brain-Elephants are the mammals to possess the largest brain. They also have an interesting edge and that is the fact that they have a brain similar to that of humans. Elephants are known to demonstrate a lot of traits other animals don’t. Take, for instance, they have a great sense of memory and can recall faces, places, track danger and remember trails decades after they have left there.

5.Good at math-Surprisingly, elephants have a keen sense of basic arithmetic. They can make sense of basic additions and subtractions. It would even shock you to know that elephants are capable of recalling relative quantities.

6.They also have burial ceremonies-Most assuredly, this caught your attention. Elephants are the only animals apart from humans who mourn their dead as together and also go through a burial rite for the dead. They can return to the burial ground occasionally and mourn. They are truly interesting creatures in all they do.