Cool Dolphin Facts

Popularly referred to as man’s best friend of the sea, dolphins are quite fascinating. They are friendlier when compared to other animals. They are also happy and social and are quite playful in nature. It is believed that dolphins have greater intelligence than other animals, and can be very helpful to the human beings in fishing and also saving drowning people. Other than these, there are tons of other interesting cool facts about dolphins that many people may not be aware of.

Here they are:

1. The total number of dolphin species that have been recognized so far is 43. 38 of these are marine dolphins, and the remaining 5 are river dolphins.

2. Dolphins are carnivores. Among its prey are squid, fish and crustaceans among other sea animals. A single dolphin of about 260 pounds in weight is able to eat up to 33 pounds of meat in a day.

3. It is believed that dolphins were actually land animals; they lived on land before they adapted to the water. Scientists who were studying them looked closely on their fins to ascertain that those fins looked exactly like formed legs with toes. Unbelievable as it might sound. Dolphins must have lived on land before.

4. Unlike other animals, dolphins’ babies come out tail first, not head first. The reason for this is believed to be because the calf might drown if its head came out first.

5. Dolphin sleep at the surface to avoid its blowhole being covered with water. In order to stay alert and keep breathing, the animal has to switch one side of its brain off when sleeping.

6. Dolphins can actually communicate with each other. They can whistle, click and produce other sounds to pass messages to each other.

7. Dolphins may not have a sense of smell but they have sharp eyesight, both in and out of water. They have a perfect sense of hearing too, and are able to hear ten times better than humans. Their sense of touch is pretty good too.

8. Dolphins are quite intelligent. They are also smart, just as apes and their large brains have developed just like those of human beings.

9. Just like other social animals including man, dolphins live in groups. They hunt and play together. In their large pods, you can find up to 1000 dolphins and sometimes even more.

10. Unlike all other mammals, dolphins are only able to breathe out of the water. They do not breathe and eat through their mouths though; they use the mouth to eat and blowholes for breathing. By breathing only on the surface of water, dolphins are safe from drowning and chances of sucking water into their lings are usually low.

11. Orca, popularly known as the killer whale, is actually a dolphin. A lot of people confuse it for being a whale, probably because of its name. Orcas are actually the largest members of the dolphin family. They are quite popular and can be found in most oceans. Just like other dolphins, orcas are intelligent, highly flexible and can communicate easily with each other especially when hunting.

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