Can animals talk to us? A look at how they communicate.

Animals do not have advanced communication techniques but they certainly know how to communicate with one another. Like humans, they have both verbal and non-verbal means of communication.
The verbal means involve the various sounds that the animals make toward each other. For example, dogs barking towards other dogs in anger or sheep bleating towards one another before mating. Non-verbal cues involve various actions that animals do that send various messages to the other animals. For example, bees “dance” to show the other bees that they’ve found nectar.
Animals also try to communicate with animals through various cues. Below we see how various animals try to communicate with humans.

We start with man’s best friend. Dogs offer companionship, friendship and security. Dog owners have different ways of communicating with their dogs. A dog owner will know when his dog is hungry, angry or tired by the special way they communicate with each other.
Dogs can alter the frequency of their barks to portray different messages which we can then interpret. For example, there’s a difference between a dog barking when it recognizes danger and a dog barking in a playful manner. It is in these ways that dogs communicate with humans. A dog wagging its tail could mean that it is happy or excited.
In addition, dogs can be trained to communicate in a certain way. For example, police sniffer dogs are trained to alert the police once they catch the scent of drugs or weapons.
Dogs also seem to recognize some of the words that we speak to them. For instance, a dog can recognize when it’s being scolded for doing something wrong. Dogs also seem to understand basic commands such as “sit” or “fetch”.


Birds are perhaps the most interesting pets to have especially if you’ve got a parrot. Parrots are famous for their ability to “talk”. If you choose to own a parrot you’d better not divulge your secrets to it. It might just tell the wrong person.
The most famous of talking parrots must be Alex. Alex understood over 100 English words and he could answer questions in English. In addition, he could even make a verbal request concerning where he wanted to stay or what he wanted to eat.
Pet birds usually have various sounds that humans can easily recognize. For example, you can know when your bird is hungry or agitated.
Other birds such as ravens are able to recognize different human faces. Pigeons have also been known to recognize various English words.

Human beings share more characteristics with primates than with any other animal group. In fact, most scientists group humans in the primate category. The theory of human evolution provides that we evolved from ape-like creatures.
With all these similarities, communication between other primates and humans should be easier than communication with other animals. Apes such as chimpanzees and orangutans have been known to use hand gestures to communicate with humans in various research programs.
Baboons have been known to understand a number of English words. However, attempts by scientists to try and teach chimps how to speak have not been very successful. The solution is that humans should try to learn how chimps communicate rather than the other way around. This “new” method of communication is already showing impressive results.

Dolphins are very intelligent animals. Dolphin trainers have been able to train dolphins to perform certain tasks. Trained dolphins also know how to express certain emotions such as hunger and stress.
For a long time, dolphins and humans have been known to have some sort of an “understanding”. There are many tales of dolphins saving drowning men at sea. For a long time, dolphins have helped fishermen by driving fish towards the fishermen’s nets.

There is ongoing research that is meant to teach humans how to speak “dolphin”. If this research proves successful, humans and dolphins can become better companions than they are now.
Communication between animals and humans is not something new. Humans have been communicating with animals for a long period of time. Researchers and scientists are, however, convinced that we can make communication between animals and humans a lot smoother.
Better communication between animals and humans can greatly improve our relationship. We will be able to understand how to treat the animals better. It will certainly contribute to a better world.